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The Docket Report*

Stay current in less than 5 minutes a day. The Docket Report provides a daily bird’s eye view of every patent case in every U.S. district court, the ITC, and IPR, CBM, and PGR proceedings in the PTAB. We comb through patent litigation docket sheets (usually between 800 and 900 proceedings per day) and carefully choose significant orders or pleadings which are then summarized and categorized by type of motion and legal issue. The end result is a streamlined summary of the most applicable events occurring in patent cases across the U.S.

The Lead Story*

It all starts with our lead story. Culled from hundreds of rulings in thousands of individual patent cases, the lead story serves up the most significant event, trend, or ruling of the day.

New Cases & Proceedings*

Everything you need to know about new patent cases: parties, attorneys, firms, assigned judge(s), asserted patent(s), and nature of claims with links to the complaint and patent. We provide convenient links to the underlying pleading and docket sheet with no log-in required. We also provide links to additional information to help you get up to speed quickly, such as the complete litigation history of the asserted patents (prior cases, claim construction and outcomes) and judge profiles.

Amended Pleadings*

Sometimes parties are added to cases well after the initial Complaint is filed. These newly-added parties might be a client or potential client of yours. Services that report only parties named in the initial Complaint omit this important information. That’s why we report parties named in Complaints, Amended Complaints and Third Party Complaints. And, of course, we provide convenient links to the underlying pleading and docket sheet with no log-in required.

Significant Rulings*

The Significant Events section provides a short summary of every significant ruling in every patent case in the U.S. Our team of experienced patent litigators read every order in every patent case in the U.S. They summarize the court’s rationale and result and index the procedural and substantive legal issues addressed in the order. Key milestones like claim constructions, infringement, validity or enforceability determinations, awards, injunctions and PTAB institution decisions are displayed separately in data tables. Everything is packaged in an easy-to-read format so you can quickly find the information that is relevant to your cases and your clients. As with other sections of the Docket Report, Significant Rulings provides free links to the underlying court documents, docket sheets and additional related information.

Comprehensive Coverage*

The Docket Report provides all of the above information for patent litigation cases in the U.S. district courts and the Court of Federal Claims, patent infringement investigations in the International Trade Commission and IPR, CBM, and PGR proceedings in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.